Waring Pro MX1000R Professional 3.5-Horsepower Blender, Black

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Make smoothies, soups, dips and more

Pitcher features a flexible lid, clear cap and non-slip handle

Waring Pro MX1000R Professional Blender
The heavy-duty Waring Pro MX1000R Specialty Blender is great for blending sauces, soups, desserts, dressings, beverages and more. The motor and large blades crush ice with ease and smoothly blend fruit drinks and soups. In addition to two speed options, a pulse feature makes it easy to create salsa and more. This powerful blender also has a flexible lid that presses tightly in place and features a central clear cap that turns and releases to open when you need to add foods to your mixture. The dishwasher-safe 64-ounce polycarbonate pitcher with non-slip handle provides the capability to make smoothies in bulk.

Easy to use controls
Features Heavy-duty, 3.5 peak horsepower high-performance motor, 30,000+ RPM 64-ounce polycarbonate container Simple High, Low, Off and Pulse paddle switches ETL, NSF listed
How to Use Before starting, make sure that the blender is unplugged. With the unit in the Off position, place the container on the blender base. Be sure the container is fully seated and that drive coupling is properly engaged. Plug the blender cord into an outlet. Put ingredients into the container, being sure not to fill above the Max line. Cover the pitcher. Always hold the container with one hand when starting and while blending. Never operate without the jar lid in place. Press the paddle switch to the desired speed, be it Hi or Low. To crush ice quickly, use the Hi speed setting. To engage the pulse option, hold the Pulse paddle switch in the lower position. The unit will run on the Hi speed until the paddle switch is released. When finished blending, set the paddle switch to the Off position. Allow the motor to come to a complete stop before removing the container from the blender base. Never place the container on the motor base or remove it from the motor base while motor is running. Once blending is complete and ingredients are removed, wash and dry the container.

Customer Reviews

Just as good as vitamix

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 on August 19, 2013
By Max Power
I used this at least once a day. I bought it for the sole purpose of protein smoothies and green drinks. I will give some examples of how I use it.

LOVE IT! Vitamix has some serious competition with this blender!

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 on May 10, 2012
By W. Sprague
Great blender! I read tons of reviews trying to decide which blender to buy. I wanted to make green smoothies and have the greens literally liquified. This blender does not disappoint and it was MUCH cheaper than the VitaMix. Yes, it is bigger than a regular blender. Yes, it is loud on high speed (low speed is actually quieter than my KitchenAid blender). Yes, it is heavy, but this is a heavy duty blender, it is powerful and as such is heavy and big and loud. You can’t ask for a muscle car and buy a Prius. If you want to do green smoothies or Starbucks or Jamba Juice quality smoothies get a heavy duty blender. If you are just making milkshakes any blender will do. Hope that helps. 🙂

Best blender EVER

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 on February 21, 2013
By whiskersonkittens
I have burned out so many blenders making smoothies over the years so I thought I would try this big daddy one and hope for the best. This guy is loud, large, and built to last. I can fill it up with ice and the motor hardly even pauses. Best of all it has a very large capacity so I can make a full glass of smoothie for all 5 of us in one go! The clean up is fun too. All you do is blend some soap and water in it. You never have to stick your hand down in it or fiddle with getting the bottom on or off because it is one solid piece that cleans itself. I don’t think I will ever have to buy another blender again. Much to my kids delight I use this every day for snacks after school. Besides the juicer (Omega j8004) I have this is the only other kitchen countertop appliance I use every single day. I looked at Vita Mix and other compairable blenders but this one was cheaper, had a stronger motor, and fit better on my counter.


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 on December 6, 2012
By dantealis
I ordered this blender about 7 months ago, based on it’s affordability and good reviews. And it hasn’t let me down! Yeah, it’s loud, but not nearly as loud as I expected it to be, based on some of the reviews with wording such as “Don’t buy this if you live in an apartment and have neighbors above you. Well, I do have neighbors and it’s never been a problem. It just sounds like a regular blender but a bit louder. Granted, I do wear sound-muting headphones when I use it but it’s tolerable without them. I use this blender to make green smoothies with lots of kale/spinach/ice/etc and it perfectly emulsifies all ingredients for a perfectly smooth drink with no bits of kale to chew. I blend it for around 20 seconds and then add ice for another 8 seconds or so for a perfect smoothie. I’m 100 percent happy with this blender and have already recommended it to family/friends.

Great value, great power, does it all.

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 on January 15, 2014
By RRabago
Just what I was looking for — and at a fraction of the Vitamix blenders.

Very Happy, Waring or Vitamix

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 on April 18, 2013
By Matt
I, like many other people get tired of cheap blenders that cant crush ice or get stuck and do not turn. Now that I got this Waring I can-not believe how many years I have put up w cheap blenders. It is a pleasure to use. It does not skip a beat when it comes to doing its job. I love the slow start up feature, the commercial build, feel and durability of all the parts. How quiet it is comparatively. All the reviews I read said it was loud. I think it highly depends on what you are blending. I have made many smoothies using common ingredients and actual feel this blender is not noisy at all. After researching many blenders I came down to two. The Waring and the Vitamix. I went with the Waring because it had higher horse power and was cheaper than the Vitamix. I read that higher horse power gets the job done quicker compared to lower. I would buy this blender again. Do yourself a favor, throw that underpowered old blender away that you have at home and get a good blender. You wont regret the $300-$400 you spend.

Great blender. I used it almost daily for four …

 on August 28, 2017
By debannada
Great blender. I used it almost daily for four years for my breakfast smoothie. Frozen fruit, even avacado nut, easily blended. The blender container bearing died this morning. Replacement parts are too high. Time for new blender. I will try Blendtech next.

Heads above the rest.

 on March 4, 2016
I was hesitant to buy this at first because of the cost. However, after using it a few times I feel it is well worth the price. The motor is huge which makes mixing, blending, etc. a snap. I love the large size. My wife and I do use a blender frequently and after our other blender’s motor burned out after a couple of years I was tired of replacing it frequently. This appears well built and could not be simpler to use with minimal buttons. At least after a few days use I am truly impressed. It is hard to imagine that the much more expensive Vitamix is that much better but hopefully I will never need to find out now.

Smoothie makers look no further!

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 on January 15, 2014
By T. Nickerson
We have looked at many blenders and we were looking for something that will stand up to a couple of smoothies daily. We were looking for a lifetime purchase. So I bought one for my wife about three years ago, I was reluctant at the time about spending that much. Now that we are both doing smoothies daily we wanted to get one for our vacation home, and it’s the one. There really is no need to look further, this thing will blend anything to the molecular level with authority. If you forget to add enough liquid to your smoothie so it’s just pushing thick paste, it doesn’t care! Easy to clean, simple operation, totally durable.

Love this blender

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 on July 9, 2012
By Kristi
This is our first ‘higher’ end blender and I agonized for months if I wanted to spend 300 dollars on a blender but after going through two cheaper blenders(80-100 dollars each) in the past 5 years I decided to take the plunge.

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