Waring HPB300 MegaMix Commercial Blender, Brushed Steel

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With a powerful 1 horse power motor, heavy-duty stainless steel blades, and epoxy-coated solid steel housing, the Mega Pro blender was built for the demands of bars and restaurants. You'll want it at home for its high-speed performance, ease of operation, and no-nonsense industrial styling. Engineered for easier, more complete blending, chopping, and pureeing, it revs up to a remarkable 27,000 rpm's so you can crush ice to any consistency and pulverize frozen ingredients in seconds. Time-tested under commercial conditions.

Customer Reviews

Most Excellent Blender

 on December 4, 2011
By Mark Murphy
My 20yr old Vitamix 3600 finally gave out and the parts are no longer made/offered on the website. Time for something new I figured. I did want a powerful replacement but did not want to spend several hundred dollars on it. The Waring HPB300 blender absolutely is not a Vitamix BUT it is an acceptable replacement in my opinion. Yes, I got the new motor smell still (should be gone soon) and the high setting is ear splitting but so was my previous machine on high. Don’t use high and you won’t miss it. The low setting does a very fine job with my fruit smoothes and veg drinks coming out great. The smaller sized container fills up quickly but with a careful eye it is manageable and it is super easy to clean and store. I find with all the fruit on the bottom and the ice piled on top I can start the blender without the lid in place and then quickly put it on as the ice cubes dip below the jars top edge. This is an advanced technique yes but one easily mastered and necessary (for me anyway) to produce full sized servings. Try at your own risk. Personally I like the tough/light plastic container and wouldn’t want glass or SS. The slightly too tight lid is fitting better/easier with every passing day now too. Ice and almonds (2 tuffies) come out blended incredibly smooth every time. I also use different kinds of frozen berries (the big bags from Costco are great) with fresh apples/bananas/yams/ and they all blend quickly into a frothy smooth healthy morning breakfast drink. With some yogurt and a raw egg tossed in it lasts me until lunch.

If you want power, honey, this blender is the one for you!

 on April 2, 2011
By mb
This blender has a 1 HP motor (more than my garbage disposal)! That’s enough to pulverize bricks! Well, maybe that’s going a bit too far, but no ice cube stands a chance here. The recipe leaflet that comes with it has a smoothie recipe that calls for **20** ice cubes! What other blender could make such a bold statement about power?

Great blender

 on January 29, 2011
By Howard Beale
UPDATE: My second blender has had a failure of the carafe — the drive coupling on the base actually fell completely off. Waring’s warranty options are “send it to Connecticut” or drive 80 miles to the service center. No replacement carafe, even at a discount. I find this unacceptable.

No Chunks in 5 – 10 seconds.

 on September 27, 2014
By Joe Blow
Solid and powerful. Just destroys ice and frozen berries including strawberries. Don’t have to worry about chunks. In 5 – 10 seconds there’s just nothing left but smooth goodness. I see what other’s mean about the funny smell, but that only happened the first couple times I used it. It’s probably just some residue left on the motor windings or something. I’ve noticed the same thing with new power tools. The thing is after all sort of industrial, so it’s built more for use than beauty, though the steel looks good. In any case, it doesn’t seem to be the bearings or the container and it goes away after a couple uses. Also, the power makes it easy to clean. Filling the container with warm water and turning it back on for a couple seconds cleans it out. Had it around a month now and haven’t had to use soap.


 on September 8, 2010
By Luckystar
This blender by far is the best I’ve ever owned. I threw the last one out because it started to smoke and leak and although had it for about 10 years, don’t think I’ll ever go back to that old Oster brand.

A Good Blender for the Price

 on March 4, 2011
Before purchasing this blender, I did a bit of research. I wanted a blender that was powerful enough to blend green smoothies and be able to manage frozen fruit, so I was looking for something that had about 1000 watts. Functionality trumped beauty of design, and I did not want to pay a lot for the blender, so the more powerful blenders costing $500.00 and up were out of the question.

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