VitaMix Vita-Prep 1003 Work Top Blender with 48 Oz Carafe (Vita-Mix, VitaPrep)

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VitaPrep Model 1003 blender with 48 oz. polycarbonate container from VitaMix Features SpecificationsVitaPrep Model 1003 blender with 48 oz. polycarbonate container from VitaMix The VitaMix Vita-Prep with variable speeds is an incredibly powerful unit. The VitaPrep will puree just about anything you put through it including Asparagus. Asparagus is generally a pretty tough vegetable to puree because of the 'strings'. The Vita-Prep handles it perfectly and gives you a smooth, silky and lump-free puree every time.This unit is great for the commercial kitchen it is quick, efficient and will last forever. Vita-Mix has an incredible name and reputation which precedes them. 877MyJuicer rarely sees any VitaMix product need service, however if a problem should ever arise within the 3 year warranty, VitaMix is always right on top of it!Functions:Make countless amounts of beverages! Make an amazing array of soups that actually steam! Make sauces and dips/sauces!Make baby foods/purees! Make dressings! Make desserts!Make juices!Make nut butters! Grind seeds, nuts and more all at different textures with the variable speedsGrindingGrinds fresh flour from whole grains, rice, beans and pasta. Grinds whole spices, mustard seeds and dried citrus rinds into an intensely flavorful recipe ingredients.Grinds nuts into nut butters.ChoppingChop small quantities of ingredients – anything from hard cheeses to soft mushrooms or tomatoes.Quickly chop ingredients such as cabbage for slaw or vegetables for soup. Lower speeds produce a coarse texture. Higher speeds produce smaller particles. Chop 6 cups (1.5L) of ice cubes in just 2-3 seconds.Features:Heavy duty 2+ Peak Horse Power, 1380 Watt motorPatented bladesClear non-toxic polycarbonate containerThermally protected motorComes with lid and plungerComes with a breathtaking recipe bookPatented Accelerator Tool allows you to push thick ingredients down around the blade while the unit is running as well as keeps circulation of ingredients

Customer Reviews

this thing can pretty much blend anything you put in it — smoothies

 on October 29, 2015
By Master Luthier Lipman
This is a real blender! Between the power, variety of speeds from very slow to category 5 hurricane, and the push stick it comes with, this thing can pretty much blend anything you put in it — smoothies, sauces, salad dressings. I’m very happy I didn’t waste money on another blender costing 1/4 the price.

Five-Star Pummeler

 on March 21, 2010
By John M. Davis
This superior blender (which I prefer to regard as a “pummeler” as almost nothing would withstand its deconstruction-efforts) is manufactured in Cleveland from whence only a limited number of superior products originate (Cleveland Clinic being in the same league.) If you’re looking for an industrial strength product, practically impossible to intimidate or overload, this would be it. I’ve had one for over ten years, now; so infatuated with it that I’ve given them as gifts to friends and lovers on over half-a-dozen occasions. They aren’t cheap, certainly, but are worth every penny!

One tool to do it all!

 on January 11, 2009
By Book Buyer
The Vita-Mix blenders are known to be rugged and long lasting. Why own and throw away 10 blenders when you can have one long-lasting blender from Vita-mix.

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