Euro-Pro Ninja Master Prep Blender and Food Processor, Blue

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Rule the kitchen with the Ninja Master Prep! Designed to combat even the toughest culinary challenges, this revolutionary food and drink maker combines the best features of a traditional blender, a food processor, and a stick blender all in one device. Designed with a 400-watt motor, the Ninja Master Prep puts the power in your hands with an ergonomic power pod. This interchangeable pod lets you move quickly from the blending pitcher to the food processing bowl for fast and easy prep work. Feel like a fiesta? Just fill the processing bowl with ingredients for salsa and the pitcher with ice and margarita mix. Then move down the line with the power pod and you've got an instant party! Forget mushy, soggy, half-chopped fruits and veggies. Ninja blade technology–with four individual blades for even, efficient results–offers unique processing power for uniform cutting, blending, and ice crushing whatever you're preparing. One-touch pulsing lets you mince, dice, chop, or puree with ease–just pulse your way to perfectly prepped ingredients.

Customer Reviews

Works as advertised! Blender/chopper/food processor/drink maker.

 on February 17, 2010
By Kenneth E. Udut
It arrived in the mail today, my new Ninja Master Prep. The infomercial impressed me by making snow out of ice, evenly chopping veggies and making smoothies.

amazing little machine

 on July 13, 2012
By Sarah dixon
I never like to leave a review right after taking an item out of the box, because most time it will work out of the box but what about down the road a little bit? I am happy to report that after almost 6 months of use I still really like this little machine!

Pretty good blender BUT not durable

 on January 10, 2011
By P. Nguyen
Of all of the blenders that I’ve ever used, I’ve liked this one the most. Here are some quick pros and cons


 on December 9, 2009
By B. Kerr
I’ve been putting this little blender through it’s paces the last couple of days, and I have to say, it passed with flying colors.

Neat little hefty blender

 on August 9, 2010
By LS Ventures
I bought the Ninja because it was recommended by a friend who makes pemmican. I have started to make it as well. Making pemmican requires that you grind or pulverize dried beef (unflavored jerky) to a virtual powder. Before purchasing the Ninja I used my Vitamix and also a mini-food processor from Kitchen-Aid to grind the jerky. The Vitamix, while it generally did a decent job, left a lot of pulverized, compacted material under the blades, which was very hard to get out. There were also a lot of grittier bits left. It also took a long time to process the jerky in the mini-processor. Since the Ninja has blades that are removable from the container anything that accumulates on the bottom is easily removed. The double set of blades ensures that food is always being pushed down. It really took very little time to pulverize the jerky. Since my blending needs are few, I’ve only been using it for pemmican, but so far I find that it is one tough machine. Grinding jerky to powder is not an easy task! I am sure that when I need to grind or blend something besides jerky I will reach for the Ninja. Imagine that! Preferring a $40 appliance over a $200 appliance!

Won’t be without one!

 on July 5, 2010
By Sandy H.
I bought mine just after Christmas and I love this appliance. I gave away my kitchen aid and the vitamix is going out in the yard sale, but this Ninja … is a keeper! If and when it dies, I will have another within the week. Why? Because everything I bought the others for, it does. Plus, it is lightweight and simple to maneuver. Ninja … they … I finally got it right. It makes short and sweet work of smoothies, the fastest snow cones (a bonus I wasn’t expecting) ice cream … yep I’ve made that too. Mixed specialty drinks are a snap. The blades are razor sharp … actually I think they are razors, so clean up quick and easy but with extreme care around the blades. There will be no licking these blades unless you want to lose your tongue. Hence my only caveat … keep it FAR away from children. It is an appliance with razors … not a mixer with beaters. Buy it, you won’t regret it. I haven’t! Now, I’m off to make a thirst quencher!!!


 on September 1, 2011
By BoyMom2
got this for my first mother’s day when i was prego. i made smoothies like mad!! love this thing! easy to use, easy to clean, a but loud but hey, what blender isnt?? and with the handheld thingy it saves LOTS of storage space in my tiny kitchen! I use this still almost everyday, had it about two years. one thing though, the spindle with te blades is sort of star shaped and has to fit into a star shape on the handheld thingy, if it doesn’t fit up right and you turn it on it’ll be sort of like striping a screw, you’ll tear up the plastic and it wont fit anymore, then wont work, so just make sure that it’s all fitting up together before pressing the button. but otherwise it’s a fansastic blender, not really suitable for small amounts thought, like making litle bits of baby food. i use a hamilton food processor for that.

My new best friend

 on June 20, 2010
By Karen L
I purchased the Ninja Master Prep for my son who just moved to the opposite coast to begin a new job. I had received mine as a gift a few weeks before, for Mother’s Day, and was so thrilled with what it could do, I thought he should have one too. I shared my experiments with him, the ice cream, smoothies, salsa, and lemon and cherry slushies, and in only a day he had tried them all. The Ninja is really an excellent buy for the money. It does so many things so easily. I have chopped onion and green pepper for salad and pizza, and I do admit it wasn’t as beautiful as it was on the infomercial, but it did do the job. When making the snow out of ice, then adding things to it, it does need to be scraped down more than once for it to mix completely, but it is still, in my opinion, worth the money. 

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