BlendWorks All-In-One Pro-Series Industrial-Strength, Professional, Powerful, High-Speed Blender Set. Makes Smoothies & Shakes. Incl: 2L Jug, Tamper, Silicone Spatula & 20 oz to-go cup, Silver/Black

Amazon Price: $499.99 $259.99 You save: $240.00 (48%). (as of August 23, 2017 2:45 am – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

READY TO BLEND! No setup required!

*BlendWorks All-In-One Set comes with everything you need to start making fresh fruit

smoothies, frozen margaritas, sauces, soups, and anything else that's on the menu!*

Featured Highlights: Industrial-Grade High Speed Motor – specially-designed 6-way stainless steel blades. Large Capacity Blending Jar- with quick twist measuring cup & air-tight container cover Non-slip Textured Base- with convenient cord storage Easy-clean Removable Silicone Base Flexible Tip with Generously Sized Head & Reinforced Metal Handle- easy access to all the leftovers at the bottom of the blender. Contoured Tamper for Ideal Movement within the Blending Jug- Perfect 12" height and extremely lightweight.

All-In-One Set Includes: Quick twist measuring cup- with both ml and oz measurement lines Air-tight silicone seal container cover Large capacity container with easy-pour handle- with ml, oz and cups measurement lines Easy to wash removable silicone base Ultra powerful motor Easy to use tamper FDA approved silicone Spatula Non-slip textured base with convenient cord storage 6-way stainless steel blades 20 oz travel cup

Specs: Liquid capacity of jug- 70 oz/2L Wattage- 1500W/ 2.0 hp Voltage- 120V Cord length- 4 ft 3 in


All parts of the BlendWorks All-In-One Blender meet all FDA Standards and regulations as well as BPA-free

on all qualifying parts.

Customer Reviews

Great Blender!

 on February 1, 2017
By Z. Goode
I consider myself a “blender guy” as I have owned everything from a Cuisinart to a Vitamix. I keep a blender at my office and my house because I make a lot of smoothies and protein shakes. This is a super powerful, easy to use and clean blender that thoughtfully comes with a spatula to scoop out the bottom and includes a convenient travel cup.

Phfft! And it died.

 on October 9, 2017
By roxie
I got this two months ago and loved it. I may even have written a review to that effect. But, just two months later, the unit broke down completely. I only make smoothies with this; didn’t get around to trying the soup function. However, right in the middle of preparing yesterday’s smoothie, I heard a clunk and the blades stopped turning! Phfft! Done! I’m very disappointed.

… blender consistently since I received it and it is AWESOME! Love everything that it came with

 on May 5, 2017
By Joe c.
I have been using my blender consistently since I received it and it is AWESOME! Love everything that it came with. The spatula is top quality as is the actually blender. I really love how quiet the machine is- probably the quietest blender I have ever used! Mix that with the sleekness and beauty of the machine and it is a 10 out of 10! I used to own a Vitamix but that died shortly after use and BlendWorks is now my brand of choice. Since buying I have been in an insane health fix and loving how easily and quickly I can whip up strawberry banana smoothie after my morning workouts. This machine is top quality and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is into shakes/smoothies!


 on May 12, 2017
By KristenC
Let me preface my review by saying I started eating healthy after surviving breast cancer. As a single mom with two teenagers, I want to be here for them. If that means I eat very differently and exercise, so be it. So I’m mostly eating vegetables (organic), no dairy, very little meat (but organic, grass-fed, free range meat), etc. I finally started finding sources for the healthiest food, but consuming it during a very busy schedule was another challenge. Who has time to consume 4-6 cups of salad during their lunch hour? I know I didn’t. So I started looking at juicing. A friend graciously offered to let me try her juicer. Oh am I glad she did! That was NOT for me. The mess, the hassle, and the TIME! Plus I didn’t like the results. Enter blender. Now I had a blender from my Mom that I think is from the 1970’s (it’s GOLD in color if that gives you a clue). I had to chop everything into tiny bits AND add lots of liquid to get it to somewhat blend. I never achieved a true “smoothie”. It was more like a “chunkie”. I didn’t enjoy chewing my smoothies and it took FOREVER to chop everything and then blend it. So I started the search for a new blender. I asked for recommendations (and received plenty). Most were for a blender in the $600 range. Really? I’m a single mom! I don’t have $600 to plop down on a BLENDER. So I started doing my own research. I found the BlendWorks here on Amazon. After reading the description, doing comparisons, and then thinking about it for about a week (the $250 price was still a significant investment for me), I decided to take the plunge. I COULDN’T BE MORE THRILLED WITH MY PURCHASE. I literally use this blender at least twice a day. My son especially has jumped on the healthy smoothie band wagon with me. So I’m making typically two meals a day for me and at least one for him with this blender. I am particularly amazed at how easily this blender pulverizes spinach! I use LOTS of spinach, and it completely liquefies it in a few seconds. This means NO MORE LIQUIDS added to my smoothies. I LOVE that! I core apples and put the wedges in (all at once). NO PROBLEM! I take the meat of an entire avocado and drop it in. Poof! Blended smoothly almost immediately. If I want it thicker, I add some ice. This is where it’s totally AWESOME: the ice is completely chopped in a couple of pulses.I use the spatula (provided) to scoop out the healthy (and delicious!) goodness into the provided to-go cup. I’m still amazed how quickly I can put together a smoothie now. No chopping things into tiny pieces. No blending FOREVER and still not getting a true smoothie. I can make two meals in about 10-15 minutes top (including washing/cutting veggies and everything). One of my favorite parts: EVERYTHING that touched the food goes in the dishwasher! The jug, cup, and accessories have easily gone through the dishwasher at least 50 times already. They are none the worse for the experience. They come out crystal clean and ready to go again. There’s also an added bonus that I probably would not have appreciated without using the “ancient” blender previously. There’s a rubber piece that covers the main unit (that the jug sits upon). On my old blender, this area gets so grimy, and it’s almost impossible to clean. With the BlendWorks, I can pull that rubber piece OFF and rinse it off to get it completely clean. Then it goes right back into place again! Now, I don’t know if my previous experience is jaded by my very old unit, but I also experienced this with my Bullet – they seem excessively LOUD. My little Shih Tzu runs into her crate when those are running. This one doesn’t seem as loud. Now that’s probably also related to the fact that I only have to run the BlendWorks for 30-60 seconds to create a completely smooth smoothie. I had a question about my BlendWorks blender, so I contacted Customer Service through their website. Not only did I get a response, but it was prompt, courteous, and greatly exceeded my expectations. This is a company that stands behind their product!! This is a product that is literally changing our lives for the better. I am SOOOO glad I purchased a BlendWorks blender. I tell everyone I know about it and make smoothies for anyone that will let me. I hope to avoid a recurrence of breast cancer by this healthier lifestyle – which includes lots of smoothies made in this blender. I know you won’t be disappointed by this blender!! Happy BlendWorks Blending! 😀

Great Vitamix alternative.

 on February 9, 2017
After using a friend’s Vitamix, I wanted to get one for myself. This looked to be a (much) less expensive alternative, so I went for it. This blender is as good, if not better than the Vitamix. It’s easy to use and very powerful. I’ve used it for smoothies, soups and even made hummus. I couldn’t be happier with this purchase.

Great Customer Service!

 on May 17, 2017
By Westcoastmama
UPDATE: After leaving a 2 star review (below), I was promptly contacted by customer service. They shipped me a replacement unit as well as a return label for the one that wasn’t working well. This one is working great and now we are able to use it the way that we intended to for our daily smoothies! Fantastic customer service and resolution to our issue and now we love this blender!! You don’t see this very often in retail and it is appreciated!

VERY pleased with my choice of the Blendworks-Pro!

 on May 8, 2017
By Amazon Customer
Although unfamiliar with the name brand, I took a chance on the Blendworks Pro blender anyway, and I’m so glad I did! It is a very powerful and well constructed design, and after using it for a few weeks, I can only conclude that it will provide many years of service. One of the reasons I decided to go with it over several others, was not only the good performance, but the glowing reports about the company’s customer support. As luck would have it, I had an initial start up problem, and needed to get in contact with them the very day it arrived. I emailed and had a personal reply back within an hour! A personal back and forth email “conversation” then ensued with a very knowledgeable and helpful individual named David, until my problems were fully resolved… all within a few hours time. I was astounded!! In this age of marketing hype and NO customer service, this was a surprising and very welcome change. If you’re looking for a well designed QUALITY product, sold and supported by a company that stands behind it, you should look no further.

Powerful, well made, professional grade. HIghly recommend.

 on January 27, 2018
By Susan A. Williams
Have used daily for a couple of months, after burning out my other blender, and our smoothie with almond milk, protein powder, and a lot of frozen fruit was liquified in seconds. No problem to make our two smoothies at once. Controls are simple to use. Tight lid with removable center makes it convenient to drizzle in some raw honey. Liked that a spatula and 20 oz. Cup were included. The base is 8×8×8 inches, so a large footprint for home use. The 8 cup blender is tall, so it doesn’t fit under cabinets. It is so powerful, easy to use, professional grade, that I don’t mind this small inconvenience, and it lives on my counter.

Solid, well-made blender

 on March 10, 2018
By Amazon Customer
So far, so good with this blender. Pros: large capacity pitcher, quieter engine, metal parts (instead of plastic) in pitcher base, variable speed dial, easy cleaning.

As good as it gets!

 on July 31, 2017
By Solar_Stone
I have owned about 6 different blenders in the last 15 years and non of them compared to the Blendworks pro series. This machine live up to all the hype I read about. This blender has it all and its capabilities surpassed my expectations. It came with a few extra throw ins, which were really top quality and super useful, I particularly loved the contoured tamper which is perfect for when things get lodged into areas of the blender (this happens with any unit) and you don’t have to stop the process. Just open the lid plug and use the tamper to move around any ingredients to avoid air pockets. It was perfect. At this price point, I really did not expect it to match up to the Vitamix’s and Blendtec’s of the world, but it sure did—and at half the price. I love this machine and I have already made my money on it as I have been using it twice a day!! A+

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