Blendtec D675C3202A1A-AMAZON Designer 675 with WildSide+ and Mini WildSide Jar, Champagne

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The Blendtec Designer 675 Blender offers advanced blending technology and a wide range of easy-to-use features. Create everything from smoothies to hot soups to salsas and dips with a single touch-it's a must for any kitchen. It is the perfect combination of intuitive, functional and sleek. Features include a 3.8 peak horsepower motor, illuminated touch interface, 5 Pre-programmed cycles: Smoothie, Frozen Treats, Whole Juice, Hot Soup, Clean and 8-speed capacitive touch slider + Pulse. Illuminated display indicates remaining blend time and total blend cycle count. "Add 10" feature adds 10-second intervals to your blend cycles for completely customized blends. Also use it as a stand-alone 10-second cycle.

Customer Reviews

The ultimate blender

 on June 25, 2016
By Eagle Vision
If you are looking for one of the most powerful blenders for your home, then this is it. It is powered by a 5 speed 3.8 horsepower motor. There are two containers: The Wild Side Jar and the Mini Wild Side Jar.

Stellar 4-1/2 star results, convenience, warrantee in a top rated blender that will last for a decade or more!

 on June 29, 2016
By Susan Byers
Blendtec and VitaMix are the gold standards for home blenders. Each brand has its strong points and you can’t go wrong with either. This Blendtec model offers a good compromise between high power, convenient functions, and cost. The smaller extra WildSide+ mini jar accounts for an increase in the price; which in my opinion might be better spent toward the Blendtec 725, which is the current top of the line for Blendtec. However, if you frequently do small amounts, it is great to have a spare container. Blendtec also produces a “Twister” Jar, which is truly a plus if you like to produce nut butters. Unfortunately, it isn’t included, but both the large and mini size can be purchased from Blendtec or here on amazon. Without the Twister jar, I would have to give the nod to VitaMix when making nut butters, because the tamper produces a similar function of pushing the hard, thick material back into the vortex. You can make good not butters in the Blendtec without the twister jar, but you will need to repeatedly remove the cover and use a spatula and it will take quite a bit longer. However, more most blending needs this machine is amazing! It has a touchpad with five preset programs (smoothie, ice cream, whole juice, hot soup, clean), and a plus 10 second button, which his very useful. The speed is a slider, that includes a pulse button, handy for approximating chopping. It has 3.8 peak horsepower, which is stronger than the Vitamix, although they are really comparable in action. The Blendtec is lighter weight and does tend to bounce a bit on the counter. The lid is more secure than previous models, but not as positively locking as the Vitamix. I have not experienced it, but some people find that hot soups cause an explosion of ingredients or leaking. Perhaps a solution is to hold the lid down with a kitchen towel. Having a smooth touchpad is very convenient in terms of clean-up, but frankly, I haven’t ever spent more than two seconds cleaning my VitaMix, so it is really a matter of aesthetics and preferences (old school dials and toggles, or new tech touchpad). Blending smoothies is incredibly quick and easy, as well as producing instant ice cream and crushed ice “grown up” drinks with added high proof ingredients! This is a kitchen appliance with an amazing track record (although people sometimes find customer service a bit harder to deal with than VitaMix), 8 year warrantee, and ability to grind pretty much everything but the kitchen sink. Noise: it is LOUD. I advice earplugs. In this regard, the newer gen Vitamix 750 is better – it is quieter. Not quiet! but an improvement that I appreciate. The other reason I give a nod to the VitaMix is that you are directed not to fill the Blendtec over about 1/2-2/3 full; whereas you can fill the same size VitaMix jar almost full. If you never need to blend so much, that shouldn’t be an issue. The double edge dull blade on the Blendtec is a bit easier to clean – if you are doing something sticky like nut butters, but the sharper VitaMix quad blade does better with items like dates. They are both great choices; though Vitamix now has a touchpad model, but it is even costlier than the Blendtec. In terms of features most people need and value, this is a solid choice. As a side note, if the Blendtec machine needs repair (unlikely) under their great warrantee, you must pay to ship the unit back to them; VitaMix provides free shipping for warrantee repairs.

I can’t recommend this blender enough, fun to use–and clean up is SO EASY!!!!!

 on June 26, 2016
By Kiki
When I was offered this blender, my family–especially my husband– was incredibly excited! And this amazing appliance does not disappoint.

Incredibly powerful blender with an issue

 on July 16, 2016
By OlyNomad
This is an incredible blender and has so much power that the first time we used it we watched with our mouths open at how much power it had and how it worked on making smoothies. I’ve never had a blender before that even came close to the power this blender has.

I figured there was no way a blender that costs several hundred dollars could be _THAT_ much better than a $90 blender

 on July 29, 2016
By David Benson
I’ve used several lower cost blenders to blend up a smoothie each morning before work. I figured there was no way a blender that costs several hundred dollars could be _THAT_ much better than a $90 blender. They all just chop stuff up at a high speed or something.

The best blender I have ever used

 on June 29, 2016
By TheTerrorBeyond
This blender makes SHORT work of anything you put in it. I filled the canister with ice, fired up the blender, and reduced it to a fine powder in no time. My wife has made peanut butter very quickly, and the product comes out completely smooth. I put ice cream in without milk and made a shake without the motor even thinking about bogging down.

Superior quality in everything

 on June 27, 2016
By Trouble
I make smoothies almost every day. They are a great way to make sure children are getting the nutrition they need. I have an old fashioned Waring blender on my counter (mostly for ice cream shakes) but have been using a newer giant Black and Decker blender because it had a bigger bin and I could make enough smoothie for 5 people. The only real question I have about this blender, compared to all of the others I have ever had, is why is it square?


 on July 8, 2016
By Kindle Customer
I’ve had only cheap blenders so I knew this would be a step up, but wow. What a blender! It handles large amounts of fruit, veg and ice with ease. It made excellent nut butter without overheating. This could even replace my food processor. So easy to use and clean, just excellent all around.

Chop and iPhone? Who Does That?

 on June 27, 2016
By Ymjauthor
I really wanted to give this blender a 3.5 but Amazon won’t allow for 1/2 point ratings. Because of this I’d rather round up than down. I’ll start with the cons before I go into the pros.

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