Big Boss Multi Blender The 15-Piece Hi Speed 300-Watt Personal Countertop Blender Mixing System

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The Big Boss blender multi blender system is a must have for every kitchen. The 15-Piece. system features 3-18-Ounce. large cups with 3 matching comfort rings, 4 assorted lids and 1 stainless steel blade attachment. A design so versatile, it chops vegetable, blends smoothies, grates cheese, grinds coffee, mixes soups, batters, cocktails and so much more. Easy to use; just place ingredients into cup of your choice, twist on blade of your choice, lock onto the power base and down to start operation. With safety locks on the power base, it prevents accidental spills and messes. Includes 2 sport lids so you can take your own drink creation on the go.

Customer Reviews

Twice a day blending for over two years…

 on August 18, 2014
By JenDiggity
I bought this in January 2012 and it is now August of 2014. I have been using this blender every day, usually twice a day, for the entire time and it is still going great. I don’t blend wimpy little smoothies, but hardcore grinding of so many foods. My son is tube-fed (via a little button on his tummy) and I make all his food. It must be liquid to go through the tiny tubing. I blend nuts, grains, frozen fruits and veggies, seeds, and so much more with this thing and it just keeps going. My only complaints are that the plastic gets cloudy and old-looking eventually (but gosh, I do put it through a lot of use and washing) and the silicone gasket kept falling out so now I don’t use it and it does drip a little sometimes. I just make sure the base is cleaned well every few days. I can’t imagine anyone has used this thing more often than I have and I am very impressed. My husband keeps warning me to pick up a new one for when this finally fails, but I don’t see that happening any time soon. I do like the idea of having more blending cups on hand so I can prep in advance, though! A lot of special needs parents using blenderized diets spend a whole lot of money on high speed blenders. I’m really happy that I spent a fraction of the cost and have had such great results.


 on May 19, 2013
By ManofColor
Looking at the BIG BOSS, it is basically what I need. I can see the reviewers point about the cups being too small, but It’ll work for me. On the blade is a warning sticker. This sticker has an adhesive that is very hard to remove. Now, why in hell would they put sticker adhesive on the blade that has to come in direct contact with your food and drink? I started to use a solvent to remove the sticker glue, but did not, thinking that it may ruin the plastic base if touched. The consumer does not know what that sticker adhesive is made of! It is for this reason, I did not give the BIG BOSS five stars, because, I thought that this was such a VERY DUMB THING TO DO. I would hope that the makers of BIG BOSS, will use better judgement in the future. After all they did not have to use glue to warn us about the blade. A large peice of paper, would have done the job, just fine. These things are so much easier to clean and deal with, than the standard blender. I am glad I purchased it. If it burns out, so what! I’ll buy another one. The $19.00 special I purchased from the local Walgreens years ago, burned out and the buttons would stick.

my initial experience with this is very positive

 on October 15, 2011
By Eddie A.
I purchased this mainly for drinks/smoothies and was concerned about the ability of crushing large ice cubes effectively. I chose this product over other comparable products mainly because of the 300-watt motor. Rec’d mine yesterday and have used it 3 times so far with great results:

Big Boss: An Efficient and Reliable Blender

 on May 3, 2012
By Ohmybookgoddess
I’ve had the Big Boss for several months now since ordering it from Amazon as a family Christmas gift. In that time, it’s been a very reliable machine, and it shows little sign of slowing down.

Move Over Magic Bullet,Theres a new Blender in town.

 on September 9, 2011
By PlantBasedStarChild
I just received mine yesterday & yes I was one of the doubtful ones, but still hoping it would work & save me from my rigorous everyday big painful annoying to clean up big Breville blender dark hole saga from repetitive cleaning hell (He-He-Smile). Yeah I know a bit much but you try it with a big blender for a month & you will be searching for something else for quick jobs also.

Great for shakes

 on August 5, 2011
By Matthew Abell
I’ve only used this blender for shakes so far, but I have to say I am impressed. Unlike my last full-size blender, this one pulverizes everything you put in it, including ice and frozen fruit. And when it’s too thick or doesn’t mix evenly, just pick it up and shake it and then blend it for another few seconds. I love being able to drink right out of the container — one less thing to wash! The rubber seals have not leaked so far — it also comes with two extras should they wear out. It comes with three heavy-duty plastic containers, three drinking rims, two travel caps, two solid caps, and two shaker tops for grated cheese or ground spices. The containers are not stackable, unfortunately. The container is just large enough to clean by hand if needed. The blender’s finish is not white, as shown in the picture, but rather a fake stainless-steel color. Not the most attractive, but not ugly either. I almost purchased the Cuisinart version based on looks alone, but after reading many, many horrible reviews, decided the function and good reviews of the Big Boss were more important than over-priced aesthetics. I have not been disappointed.

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