Back To Basics Blender Express

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The Blender Express features an On-the-Go insulated mug with a spill proof lid, that holds 24 ounces, blend in the mug, put the cover on and take with you, the ice chopping blades and powerful 350 watt motor,efficiently blends smooth drinks, 1 year warranty

Customer Reviews

Best Smoothie Blender On the Planet

 on July 21, 2017
By KeeKee
I got the Back to Basics blender many years ago as a freebie with credit card points or something like that. (It was just the blender and a single cup with a handle and cutting lid.) I LOVED that thing and about cried when the motor died—which took years. So glad to find it here again on Amazon; I searched for it for years and then gave up many moons ago! I’m telling you, this thing cuts through ice and pretty much anything you can throw at it (with proper use—use that pulse setting!) with absolutely no problems, which I can’t say for the more expensive name brands of mini and smoothie blenders I’ve bought since my original died. Can’t say we need all the accoutrements this set includes (we haven’t used the chopping cup yet), but having two cups with handles is a nice perk because we have two smoothie freaks in this house. This unit works just as flawlessly as the other one did, no jams, no burning motors.

Best Blender I’ve ever used

 on August 11, 2013
I prefer this blender over all of the other blenders I have in my house. I initially purchased this to use when I am traveling, so I can still make morning smoothies and shakes to start my day. I currently have an old Black and Decker blender, a Krups blender, and a Ninja blender, and this one seems to top them all. I found that the Ninja is super loud and doesn’t chop ice the greatest for smoothies. The Ninja and the Krups were super loud and would wake everyone up in the morning.

Just what I wanted

 on June 6, 2014
I wanted a blender that I could make my smoothie in and go out the door.( Handling my Cuisinart blender first thing in the morning is too much for my sleepy brain! ) . This is perfect! I bought some 1/2 cup containers & measured out nuts, seeds, protein powder and some green powder. In the morning I put in almond milk, my measured ingredients, frozen blueberries… etc… I pulse it a few times. Blend on low for a minute and then on high for a minute. It does a great job…even on ice. I tried it on a blended iced coffee and it was delicious. I chose this based mainly on design: to-go cup style and the upside down cup for blending. Many alternate brands do not have handles on the cup, the cup is too small or because of where the blades are you can’t take the blender “cup” with you. Clean up is a snap – it takes a quick rinse. After I drink my smoothie, I then refill the cup with water for the rest of the day.

Good blender

 on August 28, 2017
By IW – female – 61
I like this. I am going to throw out my old one. What I don’t understand about the design is why they have the column thingies (for lack of a better description) inside the handled cups. The sides are not smooth. It makes them harder to clean. The other containers don’t have those, so I use them when I can. I wish there was a handle on the base section. It is roundish and has gripping feet on it. It’s kind of hard to move it around. Otherwise, it seems like a pretty good product.

This is such a great Smoothy blender

 on December 10, 2014
By Cheryl Z
This is such a great Smoothy blender. Love that the container, is also the cup with a handle. Comes with a flip-top lid, so can take-with, to the gym, or wherever and feel safe that it will not spill in your car. I have ordered many….my grown kids all have one, and we have one at 2 different locations. It is a great size, would even be good to pack in a suitcase for travel. Lots of use, and lasts. I would order again.

Great for protein shakes!

 on September 19, 2017
By Sue70
I’ve had one of these for years that I use for protein shakes and it’s still going strong. The only problem was that it only came with one container and it had a small crack and I thought I needed a new one before I had a big mess, or the old one died. Does a great job with crushed ice from the freezer and with peanut butter added. Hope this one lasts as long as the last one.


 on April 26, 2013
By Pamela V. Porter
My sister gave me one because she is a QVC queen, and she ordered two. I have just begain to juice, for health reasons, and it is just the right size for me. I liked the one she gave me so much that I took it to work to juice for my midday snack. I didn’t want to tote it back and forth between work and home, so I ordered this one. Now I own two. I am very satisfied and I have encouraged my friends to purchase one. I think that it performs better than the bullet. Had two and the motor burned out on both or them. One thing to be cautious about, don’t put to much in the blender before starting the motor and add ice and other frozen items slowly, not all at once.

It’s been better

 on July 23, 2013
By E. Lowe
I purchased this to replace an older version of the same item that broke after falling off the top of my refrigerator. The design for the mixing blades changed at some point and the new version isn’t quite as effective. The old blades were sharper and protruded out a bit more from the mixing base. With the new design, I’m more likely to find unblended frozen fruit in my final product when I’m making smoothies regardless of how long I run the mixer. Ultimately, the engine is more powerful than anything else in its price range and it still does a fine job, but the slight revision of the product has made it less effective.

Ideal Blender for protein shakes

 on June 5, 2008
By Michael Hammitte
This blender is very simple. Really not much to it. Takes up almost no space at all. I won’t say that the quality is good. I’m on my third one. The first one just had some mechanical failure and the blade siezed up on the lid. I wish I could’ve just purchased another lid with blade, but I never saw an option for that. HOWEVER, I stick with this blender because it’s the least messy, you can purchase extra cups with lids (pack of 2 for $10, I think), they’re dishwasher safe (put the cups in the top shelf, though), and they’re the perfect size for a protein shake. Why use a regular blender? You’d have to clean out that every time you use it and then also clean out whatever cup you pour it into as well. Gets the job done and keep the mess to a minimum.

This is the only smoothie machine you need.

 on June 20, 2014
By Tiffany M.
I have had a smoothie every morning for the past 10 years and I have been using this smoothie machine. I tried a couple different ones in the beginning, and this one clearly won. Put ice (about 4-5 cubes) and frozen fruit on the bottom, cover with liquid, then add any fresh fruit and finish off with a cup of yogurt and you get a perfect smoothie (it will blend spinach good as well). I then dump it into a nalgene type bottle and bring with me to work. If you rinse out the blades and smoothie cup right then, it is super easy to clean and will be ready for you the next day. I have ordered replacement seals and mugs (dropped on tile floor and broke) on the Back to Basics website with no issues at all.

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